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Though I only get slightly creeped out by the prompt on my iPhone asking me if I’d like to share my location, it is not as invasive as dodgeball or BrightKite. Dodgeball, though purchased by Google, never took off despite the initial shiny factor. BrightKite isn’t taking off because the service doesn’t make much sense. What’s the purpose of these programs? Stalker enablers? I completely understand that they’re “opt-in,” I just don’t want to get that involved … it also speaks to my feelings about Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc. (ask me over a drink, I dare you).

Anyhow, enter Garmin … Garmin partnered with uLocate “to add friend-finding capabilities to select current and future Garmin GPS devices.”

The Alley Insider thinks that location-based services might be a $3.3 Billion market in 5 years. I’m no expert in the futures market of LBS, I just think that this fervor is misdirected.

Location-based Advertising is going to be a prevalent disruption, this is for sure.

Let’s use Apple’s iPhone as an example (shocker). Imagine if the (newly, much improved) Google Maps application pulls local and relevant advertising just as quick as it can find an address. Imagine if that advertising included Yelp reviews. Imagine of positive reviews that resulted in OpenTable reservations resulted in revenue for that Yelp reviewer? As a foodie, I think this could be the biggest opportunity. Unfortunately, it seems restaurants (conglomerates or local mom and pops) have very low PR budgets.

Location based services are not going to be that big unless they include advertising in the forecast. I don’t think they did and that’s why I think that report was way off… Agree?

Speaking of low PR budgets, and due out very soon on this shelf, “Why Advertising and Marketing Need to Share.”

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It’s true and it doesn’t only hold true for media, the web and the New York Rangers. I also LOVE gadgets. I have always been into mobile phones, cameras, console wars, etc.

I’ve recently capitulated and determined that I finally NEED to purchase a camcorder (more on that some other time). After doing extensive research on sites from CNET and Amazon to blog reviews and B&H, I decided on the aforelinked DCR-SR85. I’m hoping it arrives when I return from Vegas on Wednesday morning …

I’ve also decided, after recent difficulties finding what seemed to be simple locations, I’m in desperate (sic) need of a GPS device. Though the iPhone’s turn-by-turn directions are very impressive and useful, it is not a viable or safe solution. I cannot decide between Garmin and TomTom and am confused as to how prices on older devices haven’t dropped enough … the low range still is in the $150 – $200 area and has been for a VERY long time. Anyhow. I have yet to find out which one I will get because I’ve only used Garmin’s in rental cars and have never tried a TomTom. Have you?

There is a lot of debate about HD and iLife and even the length of time it would take for any computer to compress, edit, process, etc. HD video. I’m always the first one to get the best of breed or top model, but in this case I just didn’t see how HD for a consumer who wants to edit video is feasible … Have you heard or experienced otherwise?

Anyhow … it’s bedtime.

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