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My wife is not nearly the kind of geek I am … though she was blogging over 4 years ago. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the way she told me she was pregnant…

(this pic was sent via a text message while I was out of town)

This major development has obviously thrown us into a spiral of doctor’s visits, sonograms, ultrasounds and the dreaded registries. I cannot believe all of the stuff that is required of parents (this will be our first, and no, we are not finding out the gender of the baby).

With all of the strollers, prams, travel systems, and car seats we have to look into, I’m astonished and intimidated. On the other hand, professionally, I can totally understand the importance and influence of ‘Mommy Bloggers.’ HELP!!!

For the men and women who speak online about certain products, whether it is a review on Amazon or a video on YouTube (which KiddieCare is terrific at (though they don’t ship to the U.S.)). Bloggers are also incredibly influential for many reasons … most importantly are the comment and conversation aspect as well as the google juice effect. I am more inclined to believe and place import in a conversation on a blog than reviews on a particular retailers website (then again, if there are 10 reviews and all are 5 out of 5, that says something).

For the registry, I considered building a website that would serve as a registry so we could add items from numerous sites. We also found out about Amazon’s WishList Bookmarklet around the same time but because it wouldn’t advise the owner of the list nor the other friends looking to buy things of the purchases it became impractical… Anyhow … It looks like the Stokke Xplory and Orbit Infant System are out of the question. Over $1,000 on a stroller! We are looking at a few Silver Cross prams from an English retailer (depending on the shipping costs)…

Anyhow. My wife and I are very excited and we wanted all of our friends out in the webosphere to know … we’re expecting December 9th.

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